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Real-time muscles

Powered by hydna, A hosted real-time messaging platform of world class that delivers all the aggregated data from the sites you are tracking.

Control from your browser

Atlas can be controlled right from your browser, just login to your account and you can add, filter and modify which sites to track and setup your application instances.

Realistic earth rendering

Atlas shows visitors and their actions around the planet, but is also a realistic earth simulation with accurate orbit around the sun resulting in stunning views.

It looks best on the wall.

Atlas is made to work as an installation on a large screen.

Bring your own display

The application runs fullscreen in full HD 1920x1080 resolution. We deliver the app with a preconfigured mac mini ready to connect to a screen of your choosing. The mac mini can of course be used for other purposes as well.

Simple setup and a river of data

You can easily integrate Atlas into existing projects, it’s a simple javascript embed and you are ready to accept data. Atlas tracks geolocation, referrals, pageviews and custom events.

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The pricing depends on how many visitors and sites you want to handle and which hardware configuration you need.

For now it's best if you contact us and we can make an estimate depending on your needs.

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How Atlas works

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1Referrers are shown as satellites positioned around the earth, their size indicate their power of influence.

2Every visitor has a marker colored according to which site they are on.

3Visitor markers originate from a referrer and animate to their geolocation on earth.

4Geolocations with many visitors show bars indicating how many users are clustered in that location.

5Visitors actions are also shown in a list overlay, the event list.

6A summary of how many visitors each site has right now are shown in a list overlay.

7A summary of the most influential referrers are also shown in a list overlay

8Custom events can also be tracked and shown in the event list.